The Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" Key Chain

I have finally started selling a new product that at this point, feels like my life's work!
I have been working on The Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" Key Chain for so long that I felt like this idea would never come to fruition.
I first had the idea quite a few months ago but it took a while for me to get around to researching if I could have a leather stamp made that wasn't too expensive.  I finally found a source and had my dear friend Lauren help me with the graphic design elements- didn't she do a fantastic job with that Hey Girl font?  I think I squealed when I first saw it!
I received the stamp but it didn't work too well when I tried to use it with a leather stamp mallet- the design was too big for it to make an even impression. Back to the drawing board. I finally figured out that I could use a wooden vise to help me evenly stamp the design onto the leather.  I found the leather fobs and gold hardware on Etsy and we were in business!
This key chain is available in my Etsy shop for $15.  Buy it now to receive in time for Christmas!

Eastside Handmade Market

Hello everybody!
It's been a long time hasn't it?  I decided to break my silence to tell you about how I am taking part in the above super awesome Eastside Handmade Market this weekend.  Other handmade rockstars will be in attendance such as Cathy of California, Minor Thread, Scout Ties, and Cotton and Flax.
If you are in the Los Angeles area and not attending Grosschella this weekend, do come by and take a look, it's going to be super fun!  Hope to see you there.

Eaton Canyon

Went on a crazy (for me) 3 mile hike at Eaton Canyon last weekend and it was actually pretty awesome.  I need to go on more hikes around here, especially when the weather is being so great  like it has been lately.  I know most Californians like the tiny bit of cold "winter" we get here, but I crave the sunshine.

The House In My Head

Do you know the book- The House In My Head?  I've written about it before, here
There is something about the title that just appeals to me.  Doesn't everyone have a dream house in their head?   I know I do!  Even though owning a home has never really been important to me, the idea of having your own space to decorate with an endless budget however you wish is intoxicating.
So I am starting a new feature on this blog- things I would have in my dream home-
The House In My Head.  Today we are talking dishes.  Everyday dinner plate patterns.  I have two that I am obsessed with:
1. Mikasa Nature's Song
This pattern consists of several designs- the two I love are below- plates with a bright orange & brown circle and the speckled bowls.  There are also gravy bowls, cups & saucers, S & P shakers, and sugar & cream sets.  Available on Ebay here.
2. Heath Ceramics Spring Collection
I have long coveted anything from Heath Ceramics, and this classic set would fit into any decorating scheme and hold it's own.  I have heard many an urban legend where someone finds an entire set of vintage Heath dishes at a thrift store but I have not been this lucky.  Sigh... maybe someday.

Well, there you have it.  Your first peek inside The House In My Head.

Color Inspo

Are you inspired by color? 
Every time I see a colorful photo I reimagine it- as wallpaper or fabric- perhaps as inspiration for one of my necklaces.
Above are some photos that have inspired me lately:
1.  Instagram from housewrenstudio
2. Instagram from ghostfaceknitta
3. Floss Gloss "Con Limon" nail polish $8
4.  MAC's latest makeup collection- Apres Chic!

Wrap Up

{all pictures taken with instagram, follow me at crystalslonecker}
Wrap up of the holidays:
1. Awesome books I received for Christmas.  I already finished the Grace Coddington memoir and it was fantastic.  I have yet to cook anything from the books though.  I am hoping that will change this weekend!
2. Westlake Theater sign on a stormy LA day.
3.  My Christmas present to myself- geometric necklace from Voz Collective.
4.  Acorn and fox ornaments from my shop.