YSL Touche Eclat
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I love all beauty products, in spite of their outrageous claims and inflated prices. But as much as I would like to spend $36.00 on my undereye concealer, or $75.00 on skin enhancer, I just don't have the means to do that. So today I will share with you some of my favorite finds, and also their cheaper counterparts. Most of these I found through cosmetics reviewer extraordinaire Paula Begoun. You can buy her book: "Don't go to the cosmetics counter without me", or look up any product on her website: www.cosmeticscop.com for a review. Trust me, it will save you lots of hard earned cash.
I was totally hooked on Lancome Definicils Mascara ($21.00) because they gave it to me in a free gift with purchase, and it works so well, no flaking or smudging. Then one day, I needed a new tube and realized I must be crazy for spending that much money. Paula recommends Loreal Voluminous Mascara (6.99) and even mentioned how similiar it is to the Lancome Definicils. So I tried it and fell in love! It is exactly the same in my opinion. Plus, people ask me all the time what mascara I use, cause it looks so good.
Paula does recommend Mac Bronzer ($18.50) because it doesn't have too much shimmer and looks good on everyone, but she also mentions that
Wet N' Wild is exactly the same, and it only costs $2.99! I was being snobby and wanted the MAC, but then I dropped it one day and the bronzer broke into a million pieces. After I dried my tears, the Wet N' Wild became my new best friend. And I have dropped it a million times and it remains intact.
Every magazine and makeup artist in the world recommend Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Concealer ($36.00). It contains light reflecting pigments that hide all your flaws and imperfections. I prefer to use Revlon Skinlights Illusion Wand ($8.99). It has the same brush/tube packaging as the YSL, and the same light reflecting properties. I love it!
Somehow, Lancome has cornered the
market on convincing people to spend way more money than they should! Enter $16.00 Juicy Tube lip gloss. I would much rather spend my dolla dolla bills on Loreal Colour Juice ($5.99). It has the same lovely colors and texture, but has a lovely candy smell as opposed to the mint scent of the Juicy Tubes.
I hope these reviews help save you a few pennies, or convince you to try some new things!


sue said...

i usually use mac mascara, but i can't find a counter in pgh to buy it so i will def try your suggestion! if i were sent to a deserted island and given one thing to take along i would choose that lovely tube of black goo! mascara rules and i would die without it. thanks for the tip!

pollyanna cowgirl said...

bless you, crystal! do you know that i take all the advice you offer? from the benetint to the revlon skinlights, i trust you implicitly to tell me what my face needs to look purty. love you, babe!

Mommy Dearest said...

I just bought that mascara $5.94 at Wal' Mart can't wait to try it thanks for the tips, I love make- up also. If you ask Derek he might tell you that he has never seen my face with out it all his life.

Anonymous said...

Loreal owns Lancome :) That's why the products are so similar! And you get way better deals with Loreal!