My Valentine is Yves Saint Laurent!

I have recently been riveted to the new book "A Beautiful Fall". It tells the story of Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld, they started out as friends in the 50's, but with their rise to the top of the fashion heap became bitter rivals. There is nothing I love more than a good biography about fashion, I am happy to read about every detail of Helena Rubensteins day to day life, or the most mundane story concerning Charles Revson & Estee Lauder. The book also includes some pretty great pictures of both couteriers, my favorites are the really crazy 70's pics, swimsuits, Marrakech, bad moustaches. You get the picture.
Coincidentally, I recently attended a Yves Saint Laurent makeup and skin care class at my local Nordstroms and had the opportunity to become more familiar with the whole line. I ended up buying way too much (surprise, surprise) but was happy with all of my purchases. First of all, I finally, finally got the Touche Eclat Radiant Touch. I can't believe I waited this long, but my defense is that until recently, I could get away without concealer. I just recently started getting more darkness in the undereye area and also wrinkles have started to appear. So I took the plunge and couldn't be happier! I look much better in pictures and in real life! Definitely worth the $38.50. I also bought the new Touche Blush ($41.00, can you freakin' believe it? I swear, never again!). I love the color so much, it looks way too red in the package, and I would usually only use it on darker skin, but if you just a pinch on my ghost white skin, it looks super great, especially if you put bronzer underneath it. Finally, I purchased the Golden Gloss in #4, a gorgeous bright pink. My favorite look lately has been matte black smoky eye with bright pink lippy. Looks so good on everyone! The golden gloss ($27.00) contains flecks of 14K gold, and is the most sparkly thing I have ever seen. I totes want to get the gold color to layer over all my lipsticks!
For this February, I heartily recommend that everyone banish the winter blahs with Yves Saint Laurent, both in book and product form!

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pollyanna cowgirl said...

AAAA! Crystal, why aren't we at Nordy's right now?! I totally want that concealer, as I am having some undereye issues as well. PS. so happy about all the posting!