Revlon Matte lippie

You know how sometimes when you visit a boring place (like maybe Idaho?) that doesn't offer much shopping, certain things take on a significance that they wouldn't have at home? Well, in my case, I'm very glad that I was forced to go to the 24-hour Walmart in Idaho Falls and peruse the makeup section for an hour, because that was when I really discovered the new-ish Revlon Matte lipsticks. I had seen adds for them, but I have been so disenchanted with drugstore makeup lately- nothing new and exciting has caught my eye for ages, so I didn't give them a second glance. I have always loved matte lipstick, and the great thing about this line is not only the wonderful colors, but the fact that they are fairly moisturizing for a matte formula! They didn't dry out my lips and send me running for the lip balm. I bought four colors:
1. Nude Attitude (A flesh toned nude, terrible on very fair complexions, but great on tan or darker skin.)
2. Fabulous Fig (A great combo of red, grey, pink, and brown. Very wearable on almost every complexion.)
3. Really Red (A bright red, similar to MAC's Ruby Woo)
4. Strawberry Suede (My fav of the bunch, a bright pinky melon color, shown above. My good friend Lauren and I keep turning up at the same events with this on, which I think is the greatest compliment I could give it.)
These lippies can be found at almost every drugstore near you and on for around $7.99. Happy Shopping!

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pollyanna cowgirl said...

I'm loving my Strawberry Suede too!