Dry Skin, Part 2: Lip balm, all purpose

I feel like I have been hearing a lot lately about how lip balm is addictive and actually evil (read more here). While this may be true, I don't really care and staunchly refuse to go through the withdrawal and see what lies on the other side. On another note, I did realize a couple of years ago that any balm with mint in it actually annoyed my lips and dried them out more. Because of that, I started turning more to ointments or vaseline type balms to solve my dry lip problems, and that's when I discovered Aquaphor.
I heart Aquaphor! I mostly use it as a lip balm, but it really works on any dry skin problem, and I love it for elbows. Aquaphor recently decided to package their product in tiny little convenient lip balm sized tubes, and even though they are a huge rip-off compared to the price of the larger size, I buy them and stash them all over my life, in the purse, on the nightstand, on my desk, in the car. Even Strudel loves it!

Oh Strudes. I love how she puts up with my craziness, but refuses to wipe the "Mother, puh-leez" look off her face.

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