Oldie but Goodie Monday -Sephora Brush Cleaner

At the end of a day of applying makeup on set I always deep clean my brushes with a gentle brush shampoo (more on that another day). But I have to do something to sanitize between actors, and that's where this anti-bacterial brush cleaner comes in. I used to use Japonesque Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner, which works great and I thought had a lovely orange scent, but some clients commented that the smell reminded them too much of cleaning products. I decided to try the Sephora brand which has no scent, and it was perfect! You just spritz the cleaner 3 or 4 times on your dry brush and wipe off on a paper towel, and repeat until no more color comes off the brush. Sanitizing your brushes is not only absolutely mandatory for cleanliness on set, but also prolongs the life of your brushes.
Buy this product at Sephora, the 2 oz. size is $6, and the 6.75 oz size is $14.

(photo from sephora.com)

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