New Product Monday- MAC Studio Sculpt & Studio Moisture Tint

Studio Sculpt is a wonderful new foundation from MAC. The texture is thick and creamy. It applies to the skin best just using the fingers, letting the heat from your hands melt it into the skin. It creates a long lasting finish and makes your skin look smooth and amazing and perfect!

Studio Moisture Tint is your typical tinted moisturizer. I originally bought it for the summer months because I don't like to wear a heavy foundation when it's too hot outside. Then I discovered that it is the perfect "mixer" for the Studio Sculpt! Now I can combine the two together and still have great coverage with a more natural look. Both products have SPF 15.
These products can be used on any type of skin and come in a wonderful range of colors. The Studio Sculpt concealer is great too!
$29.50 each

(pictures from google images)

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