New Product Monday- Mint Green Nail Polish

First there was Chanel Nail Polish in "Jade", ahead of the curve as usual:

Then MAC folllowed suit with "Peppermint Patty":

But I was feeling kinda poor, so I thought maybe this American Apparel polish in "Office" would do in a pinch:

But happily, I received this for Christmas, Sula polish in "Haze"!:

And, it's the peel off kind! So satisfying, like peeling paint off a wall. Kudos, "Santa"!

(photos from google images)


pollyanna cowgirl said...

But does the Paint and Peel peel off when you don't want it to? Remember Tinkerbell brand cosmetics? I really enjoyed those. Merry Christmas!

Crystal said...

Only if you don't apply a topcoat! Merry Xmas my love!