New Product Monday- Living Proof Hair Care

Here is the official copy on Living Proof:
"Whether you've got curly cues or stick-straight strands, at some point you'll be affected by the dreaded frizz—the annoying change in hair texture that takes you from slick to static in any humid situation. But before you crawl under that hat, meet Living Proof, your new frizz-busting BFF that keeps moisture mishaps under control. The brainchild of a talented team of hair aficionados lead by an MIT professor, the goal was to find a breakthrough solution "from a physics standpoint" and not through the standard methods of creating a typical beauty product. Instead of traditional silicone-based solutions, Living Proof set out to create efficient formulas based on entirely new molecules using advanced technology, so your toughest hair challenges are solved from a fresh, new perspective. The result is a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge, humidity-resistant formulas that work for all hair types. Whether you prefer it curly or straight, the road to silkier strands just got that much smoother—and you're about to see Living Proof."

I tried this product myself and I loved it! There are a few products, sham & cond of course, and then styling products for fine to medium, medium to thick, and thick to coarse hair. To my knowledge this is a new way of marketing hair products, based on thickness and texture of hair. Even though I have fine hair, it's really coarse and frizzy so I got the styling product for medium to thick hair. I used it with my normal shampoo & conditioner and it worked great! Normally I have to wear a hat and tuck my hair into it because I lived in the Pacific Northwest and even if my hair wasn't getting wet it still curled and frizzed like crazy! But with this product I could forgo the hat and just use my trusty umbrella. It was great! Now that I'm in California I probably won't use this as much, but it is also great for a day at the beach or if you are going to be slaving over a hot stove for hours.

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