Style Watch Thursday- YSL II

Yves Saint Laurent Cuts New Clothes From Vintage Cloth

As reported on The Cut:
It's a glorious thing to pull a new-to-you gown from the racks at a thrift store or on-commission vintage reseller, even if you get a whiff of moth balls in the process. The team at Yves Saint Laurent, however, has turned the vintage formula on its head this season, by crafting new pieces out of textiles harvested from its extensive archives. For its second round of "New Vintage," the vaunted brand has dug deep into its library of unused fabrics and its long history of silhouettes and cuts to create a limited, numbered series of dresses available at its flagship boutiques in Paris, London, and New York. While the company's stated goal is environmental, the idea of revisiting past glories with a knowledge of present styles is the real selling point. It's almost like building a new house from old bricks, printing a new book on ancient vellum, or creating a new sixties Jaguar E-Type from rehabbed parts — a green path to creating an instant classic without any lingering signs of wear or old-person smells.

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