Givenchy, and an explanation.

I have this thing about blending eye makeup.  It's really hard to get right and I feel like most people have not mastered the skill. Myself included.  It's one reason why I focus mostly on lips for my personal makeup application.  The eyes just take too long and with my perfectionist ways I would never be pleased.  A lot of times I see makeup from the runways and get annoyed with the lack of blending.  I mean, I named my blog after it for chrisakes!  (actually I got the name in part from Edward Scissorhands.  the scene where the Mom and Edward are trying to cover up his facial scars and she says- "blend and blend and blend, blending is the key"! And it is.)  All that aside, when I saw these pics from the Givenchy runway, I almost started hyperventilating.  The application is so amazing and blended perfectly.  Now I think I should get out all my black glittery stuff and practice until I get it right!

(images from jak&jil)

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SKartistry said...

they did do a really good job i agree! usually alot of black eye make-up makes the eyes appear so small but it really brings them out well!