New(ish) Product Monday- Shiseido by Dick Page Perfect Rouge Lipstick

This line actually came out last Spring, and I considered it to be a revolution of sorts. In the lipstick world anyway!
Gloss has held sway for quite some time now. At some point I started to become sick of that, and started looking for new ideas in lipstick, especially matte formulas. I loved Lipstick Queen, and bought the occasional MAC formula, but I was looking for something not only easier to find but also groundbreaking. And Mr. Dick Page, artistic director at Shiseido, came to my rescue with this new collection. There are three especially great things about it:

1. The formula. I have NEVER felt anything like it. They glide on so smoothly, provide moisture without being too glossy, and the color saturation is just perfect and lasts for hours.
2. The colors. They are AMAZING. Some of them might look intense, too orange or violet, but I urge you to try them on because they look great on just about anyone.
3. This is from SHISEIDO, a line I consider to be boring and past it's time. That makes it even more groundbreaking.

They now have two more formulas, Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer (sheer tints) and Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte (matte formulas). They are both revolutionary too!

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