The Best Laid Plans

Don't you just love this picture?  I think it very accurately represents the way that Karl Lagerfeld really thinks of himself.  Confident and able to conquer anything!  It's a way of thinking that I hope to take with me into this next phase of my life, which may or may not be a life changing experience. 
I have accepted a job associate producing and doing makeup/hair/wardrobe for a entertainment news show that will be filming on the East Coast, specifically in New Hampshire.  I am freaking out, of course. 
My dear friend and actress Leslie Taylor is going to be hosting the show (the show is titled "The Leslie Taylor Show") and we leave this Saturday morning to start our cross-country road trip across the States.  I am excited to see some new places and super excited to arrive in our new home and meet all the people we will be working with on this amazing project.  I am going to try and post as much as I can from our trip that relates to makeup and fashion, but since I will be blogging/facebooking/tweeting for the show, I can't promise anything!
I am very sad to leave my new-ish home here in Los Angeles, I just moved here last September.  I had envisioned my new life here to be lasting a little longer than it has, and I don't think I got quite enough sun to last me through those harsh New England winters, but I hope to come back one day and resume my West Coast life.  I can't believe I will be living on the East Coast!  I have always been such a West-Coaster at heart.  
All in all, I am really looking forward to this new opportunity, and I hope that all of you have as much of a fun, hardworking, crazy, new, ridiculous summer as I am about to have!  XOXO

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