O.P.I. iPhone App

I used to be obsessed with OPI nail polish. OBSESSED.  I worked at a beauty supply store and people would come in looking for a certain shade that their manicurist had applied and I could take one look and tell them what color it was.  I used to live for the day the new collections came out, and I would get super mad if anyone but me painted the sample nails.  I'm sure it was more than a little annoying to my co-workers.  When I first heard about this new OPI app, I thought it sounded cool but I was a little jaded.  Seven years and a boom in the nail polish industry had let my loyalties stray, and I was starting to think of OPI as being a company that was too big and didn't have the coolest nail polish colors anymore. 
But then I downloaded it (it's free!) and I started squeeee-ing like my 23 year old self would have back in the day!  It's a very simple app, just one screen with a hand and a revolving color wheel.  You can adjust the skin tone on the hand to match your own, and then you pick a color and see what it will look like on you!  It is so exciting and really fun.  The 23 year old that still lives inside of me wants to highly, highly recommend this new app to you.  The 30 year old me concurs!

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