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Ever since I read Anne of Green Gables when I was a kid, I have always taken solace in playing Anne's dress up game.  In the books, Anne was a poor orphan with an out of control imagination and whenever she felt bad about her shabby dresses, she would imagine she was wearing her fantasy outfit and instantly feel better.  This is something I have done for years and to this day, still makes me feel happier. 
I think we all know that in the world of style blogs, things always appear to be perfect.  I know that I get feelings of inadequacy while reading them all the time, even more so than with fashion magazines.  You see, these people are REAL.  And their lives seem perfect and full of money and endless designer clothes and collaborations.  As a girl who can barely afford to step in Old Navy and Forever 21, who grew up poor and continues to struggle to make her way in this world, I can't help but indulge in the fantasy, both in other blogs and my own.  I write about clothes and makeup all the time but I don't actually buy most of the stuff.  I covet from afar.  I probably get to own about 10 percent of the things I write about. 
Readers, I am actually going somewhere with this post.  Next week i'm going to New York for 24 hours and I desperately wanted to buy something new and hip to wear as I walk around.  This is not to be.  I am dusting off my best black summer dress and my sheer coral cardigan that have been worn to death and MAKING IT WORK.  But I wanted to do a post where I got to talk about my dream New York outfit.  It makes me happy and I think it will brighten your day too.  So here it is!

Awesome shirt dress from Modcloth (sadly sold out) that you can wear loose or belted. The perfect blend of casual plaid and sophisticated cut, I can see this fitting in anywhere.  $57.99

Unreal coral-ly APC Espradille Wedge.  Style without sacrificing comfort.  I can walk around a city all day in a wedge.  $368

Marc Jacobs sunglasses.  Wood grain hexagon frames.  $50 on sale.

RGB nail polish in "Pink".  I think this might clash with the shoes, but I like that right now.  If I was a redhead I would wear pink every day!  $14
J. Crew Jericho Pursette in Mink.  I like a cross body bag, it feels safer and it leaves your hands free to snap touristy pics of New York!  $138

Lastly, I'd pile on a bunch of simple gold necklaces and hit the town!
1.  Dores
2.  Rennes $28
3.  Rennes $28

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