Sailor Stripes

So I was doing wardrobe stylist stuff for "The Leslie Taylor Show" today.  We are filming on a boat this week so I came up with this whole sailor inspiration type thing.  I was working around white pants and a fitted short jacket and I thought the classic French navy & white striped shirt would be perfect!  Top it off with some anchor earrings and a sparkly red lobster hat and we would be set!
(I kid. Sort-of)  
We high tailed it to the local mall today and visited a few places that fell woefully short.  Then I remembered Old Navy.  They always have a few striped shirts there.  Well wouldn't you know, we walk in there and within 5 minutes have 15 choices in our hands!  Long sleeved, short sleeved, tanks, shirts, dresses.  It was UNREAL.  In a good way. 
In the end, we went with a slightly unconventional choice.  We chose a light teal and white striped shirt with a rolled neckline.  It's really cute and gets the sailing point across without being too obvious.  Now it's time to get started on that sparkly red lobstah...

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Melissa Rae said...

I heart sailor stripes! I want a whole dress!