Things I Never Thought I Would Buy, Part 1

EEEWW. Backpacks.  I hate backpacks.

After spending an inexcusable amount of time hiding behind my ugly, heavy backpack during high school, I made a vow never to let a backpack hang off my body again.
This resolve lasted for 12 years.  And then, I don't know what happened.  I stopped being so all about rules?  I read one too many style blogs that featured cute backpacks?  I got a lobotomy?
I'm not really sure exactly what it was, but I crumbled.  And I am so happy!  Look at my new little friend:
The Baggu backpack.  $28.  Made of recycled cotton.  Adjustable shoulder straps, interior pocket, and magnetic snap closure.
The perfect medium sized bag that I wear on my back and doesn't cripple my shoulder with pain.
Suddenly, backpacks make sense!

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