My New Shirt!

Stop the presses, I bought a new article of clothing! 

I found this shirt during a recent "Girls Day", we were shopping at the mall & it caught my eye at Forever 21 & I was amazed that it fit (usually Always 12's clothes don't fit normal sized me) & it goes in at the waist which always makes you look smaller.  I thought it was really cute & looked more expensive than it was ($20) & it has that kind of ikat/new tye-dye/batik thing going on that all my fav bloggers are rocking these days but I was really going back and forth about the cost & the fact that I have nothing to wear with it, making the actual cost much more because I have to buy more clothes to make this work.  But I finally threw caution to the wind & I justified it by remembering that I haven't bought anything in MONTHS so who cares, & I could always bring it back & put the money towards a super ugly 70's bag I saw that I also want.  So there you go.  Now I have it in my clutches & I couldn't be happier!  I also spied a cute skirt at Cold Gravy that I think would look adorably perfect with it.  Here's to justifying purchases everywhere! 

btw, for some reason I always have to call stores by their incorrect names: forever 21 is always 12 (becuz the clothes only fit 12 year olds) & old navy is cold gravy (cuz it rhymes).

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Leslie said...

get in my closet!