Y'all are just like me and it makes me so happy!

For some reason, I always think I am alone in discussing the minutiae of what lipstick is perfect for the season, but I was wrong.  I recently posted a video from J. Crew with a model wearing the perfect lipstick for Summer 2010 on facebook and it inspired this heated discussion:

June 17 at 6:45pm Crystal: In case you wanted to know what the perfect lip color for summer 2010 is, here you go:

June 17 at 6:46pm Katie: Is your link to J Crew?

June 17 at 6:47pm Crystal: Yes. There is a video to watch on the home page and the model is wearing a great lip color!

June 17 at 6:52pm  Michele: crystal! you are so on! where can we find such color? can i get away with that?

June 17 at 6:56pm  Crystal: The closest thing I could find in my kit is Nars Casablanca, but it's still a lil bit too shiny.... will have to go to on a specific hunt and report back! And Michelle- you can def get away with it!

June 17 at 8:07pm  Lauren: so its an orangey coral bright?

June 17 at 8:17pm  Crystal: yes and matte.

June 17 at 8:19pm  Whitney: MAC vegas volt!

June 17 at 8:36pm  Crystal: yeah? i thought that was more pink, maybe I am thinking of the wrong color!

June 17 at 8:38pm  Whitney: you may be right... but on some people it turns kinda orangey.

June 17 at 8:46pm  Leah: nars velvet matte lip pencil in red square! i found a knock-off from revlon for $7.99. hot coral #712 - AMAZING. on everyone.

June 18 at 5:35pm Crystal: Thanks Leah, I will check it out!

What we all learned from the discussion is that the actual color was Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in "Red Square" and that Revlon "Hot Coral" is also great.  I bought it a few weeks ago and I love it too.  It's a bright pinky coral that does indeed, look good on everyone.  Bring on the debates!

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