Insane Platforms by Jessica Simpson (sshhhhh!)

Don't you just hate it when you detest a celebrity & then they go & design a shoe that you just love?  THE WORST!  I guess I shouldn't be too upset because I know that J Simps doesn't actually design any of her stuff.  There is probably some genius Parsons graduate behind it all, dreaming of the day when they get to put their quality name on their own product.  Sigh. 

All the bloggers are wearing them!

Buy them here. $99

(images via Bleubird Vintage & Amazon)

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Fashalina said...

these really are on EVERY blogger and guess what -- I saw them on your blog first. I saw your post about them and then started seeing them on Karla's closet and Louise Ebel (the red-headed french gal with the glasses) and like a million others. good style-spotting ; )