My obsession with acorns just started this past September. It was one of those things where the item you become obsessed with has always been around & you wonder where your mind has been all this time! Acorns seem especially relevent during the fall & winter, so I wanted to share some of my favorite products that I have come across with you.

Something's Hiding In Here Acorn Charm in Yellow, Mint, Pool Blue & Mellon. $12.00 on Etsy.
Motz Tiny Wooden Acorn Speaker $34.99

Set of 6 Wool Felted Acorn Ornaments.  14.00 on Etsy.

Set of 100 Whole Acorns $7.25 on Etsy.


teeno tino said...

that speaker is awesome, i need to investigate that further. it seems really funny that you can just buy 100 acorns, i better head down to the park!

Crystal said...

Isn't that a scream? Usually you can just go pick some off the ground but I guess they are in hot demand in some parts of the world! I certainly don't see any here in LA.

pols said...

Yeah, that speaker is out of control!