Hey y'all.  Did you know there is nothing going on that I feel like I could tell you about?  Everything is boring and nothing is happening!  So I just took a bunch of photos of things around me and am sharing them with you.

I am trying to eat more seasonally, so at the beginning of the month I pull out all my old Everyday Food mags from say, January, and go through and pick out recipes I want to make.

Romantic framed postcard I thrifted a while back.

Yeah, I have a magazine rack.  No, I don't own a store or a beauty salon.  You wanna make somethin' of it?  Let's take this outside!
(sorry, I overreact a little when confronted by my magazine obsession)

I love giant cocktail rings!  I store them in this Fenton milk glass ashtray from the 50's, previously thrifted.  I store a lot of things in old ashtrays, they are so cute and the perfect size for jewelry.

Breakfast.  No MSG, no preservatives.

Have a great day!!!


Tami said...

LOVE the cocktail rings in the ashtray. After perusing days of your blog this morning, I want to run out and re-decorate my house in thrift store finds...

Crystal said...

Oh, it's so fun! I don't want to turn into an episode of Hoarders, but I'm totally addicted. Love you Miss Tami!