Details, Details

I have a vision that I sometimes think about, in which the entire world would be well designed, like I were living in Sweden or something.  Every item you see on the street, even something boring like a garbage can, would be clean and modern and well designed.  I think it would create a general happiness and euphoria among all citizens!  But then I think, well- all those ladies who like their boring "country kitchen" style or all the people who prefer to decorate with only dark wood, they wouldn't be happy either!  I get all bogged down in the details.  But when I saw these upcoming Pioneers of American Industrial Design forever stamps from the post office, featuring designers such as Russel Wright and Eliot Noyes, I got super excited and started thinking about my vision again.  If everything around me can't get the "happy" treatment, at least my outgoing mail will!  And isn't it all about the details anyway? 

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