Griffith Park

 I went on a hike in Griffith Park today (ubiquitous shot of the Hollywood sign above).  It was heavenly and of course I berated myself for not going there more often.  Hopefully from now on I can remember there is a huge park very close to where I live where I can hike, rent/ride bikes, ride horses, and enjoy a beautiful view.  Followed up the hike by walking around the planetarium and people watching.  It was a lovely sunny day so there were lots of crowds and dogs about, and it was just so nice and I just love living in Los Angeles!


krista said...

I am so jealous of your weather! The sun finally came out here today and I think it maybe got up to 55!

btw-I made the chicken recipe you posted! Everyone liked it.

Crystal said...

I remember those times! 55 felt like 65 in Portland! I'm so glad you liked the recipe, it's a favorite here. Kisses to you and your family XOXO

Fashalina said...

I am obsessed with that photo and sick with envy for how badly I want to be able to hike Griffith park.