Happy Day

This has been a hard week for me, I find myself feeling down for no reason and the gray skies and rain today don't help.  Lately I have been trying to put a stop to sadness and negative thoughts by realizing what I'm doing, acknowledging it, mentally stopping it, and then focusing on something productive or interesting.  So I decided to try and take my mind off sad things by having a little photo project where I would take pics of all the things that made me happy today. It's not a super exciting day, I am working and then most likely coming home and watching tv, but I wanted to capture some beautiful things that would lift my spirits and see if it helps. Here are my photos:

Yummy raspberry Brown Cow yogurt for breakfast. 
Love the calorically delicious cream top!  This definitely made me feel happy.

We had this delicious Voluspa persimmon candle burning at work today, and man did it smell good!  I don't usually like candles because they make me nervous but today I really enjoyed this one.  Happy for sure.

Baked potato and salad for dinner.  The bacon is the really really happy part.

This little monkey always makes me feel better. Ball o' happy fluff!


Debutante Gowns said...

wishing you have a wonderful week ahead..

Fashalina said...

Crystal! You are a cognitive behavioral therapist's DREAM-- recognizing what you are doing, accepting it, mentally stopping it, and then doing something productive instead. That's such positive and good behavior to practice! I know exactly how you feel...I think any human who is sane has days/weeks, like that. Sometimes months. My funks last all winter. MUSIC always helps!

Crystal said...

If only it hadn't taken me 31 years to figure that out! Oh well, better late than never! I used to have the all winter funk in Portland, LA helps a lot. XO