Oh Moskatels.  You are heaven.
I was googling Michael's Crafts locations on my phone today and something puzzling was happening.  It kept saying there was a Michael's/Moskatels in downtown LA.  I have never heard of this elusive Moskatels before so I looked it up on Yelp*.  I found out that it is a craft/flower supply store that is owned by Michael's but is warehouse-like and much more interesting and old timey. 
I drove there and discovered it was right by Skid Row and next to the sketchiest street ever that looked exactly like Hamsterdam from The Wire.  There are two entrances to the store, but you want to enter on Wall Street, not on San Julian Street.  Trust me.
Anyway, it's all good because once you go, you will want to go back a million times.  It's amazing!  They have most of the crafty stuff you would normally get elsewhere, but all this other crazy stuff too.  Like weird mirror covered greek urn stands and any decorations you would need to open a seafood restaurant. 
Most things seem to be pretty cheap too.  I could have spent hours in there but only had 30 minutes on the meter outside.  I think I might go back tomorrow!
I indulged by buying a couple of items, but the best thing ever was this:

Awesome hanging glass terrarium!  And what's that, only $3.98?  Unheard of!
I have been pricing terrarium supplies and similar items I've seen usually run $20 and up. 
If you are in Los Angeles, I say run down there immediately and experience Moskatels for yourself. 
738 Wall St. Los Angeles, CA  90014.

*Fav quote about Moskatels on Yelp: "It's like Costco meets Michael's and they had a baby. And now I'm going to be getting weekend custody of that baby."


Tami said...

So, did you get the hanging terrariums? I am fascinated with all things terrarium right now... I don't have a single one, of course, but I'm fascinated just the same!

Crystal said...

Yes I totally did! I haven't actually made them yet, but I'll get there. Aren't they the best? So cute, yet very "design-y".