(Non) Thrift Score

I went thrifting today.
Did I find anything?  Only stuff that I would never allow in my home. 

Goodwill.  Where high school art projects go to die.

 Yes, music hath charms.  But not when played by an accordian wielding hobo clown.  I'm sorry the picture is so blurry, because the way they painted that clowns face was one of the most disturbing things I've seen. 

Large sized bust of our beloved JFK.

Be careful out there kids.  You never know what you might find.


krista said...

Yikes! I was just talking to someone last night about what happens to unwanted homemade ceramic pieces!

Eva said...

haahah this post made me laugh. it's so true, the ugly things you can find. the first photo especially gets me


Old Brand New said...

"Goodwill. Where high school art projects go to die."

Hilarious! So sad, but true. I see it all the time and part of me want to buy it and start an awful art collection.

Old Brand New said...

oh! I think I found the Goodwill that houses all these silly stuff! Soo funny to see it in person. We are bound to run into each other some day.

Crystal said...

Did you buy the teapot and start your collection of ugly art?
I think we are destined to run into each other at a thrift someday! How will I recognize you without a camera in front of your face? ;-)