The Best Thing To Wear For Today- Work Uniform


On most days, my work "uniform" consists of:

1. Dark wash Not Your Daughter's Jeans (most unfortunate clothing name ever)
2.  Black cami
3.   Oversized drapey sweater
4.  Colorful sandals, black peep toe pumps or strappy heels
5.  Gold hoop earrings
6.  Peach lipgloss

This makes it easy to get dressed & still look somewhat stylish.  In my younger days, I really tried to mix it up a bit more, but now it's just so much easier to have my routine.  I really recommend it! 


Tami said...

I recently found a couple little moth holes in my favorite drapey sweater. I didn't realize how often I wore it until I wasn't able to wear it anymore. Even worse is the fact that right now replacing it isn't my budget. *cue tears*

Crystal said...

Tears for sure! I recently had my fav shirt & jeans accidently ruined by battery acid & I was inconsolable for days. Stupid holes in clothes.