Got2b Fat-Tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse

Yes, it's official.  Worst product name EVER.
Luckily it works really well or I could never overcome the shame!  I was convinced to try this product after reading rave reviews about it on all the beauty blogs.  My hair is currently "growing out" and because it's so thin, I have had to switch over to a whole new type of product, one that's volumizing and thickening.
It's pretty simple, just shake the can well and apply product to roots while hair is damp.  Then apply heat and watch it work it's magic!  It's not going to give you "Texas Cheerleader" hair or anything, just a nice subtle lift that lasts all day.  Another thing I love about this product:  it doesn't give you that "crunchy" hair that most mousses do!  Can you believe it?
(Sold at drugstores for $5-$8)

Side Note:  I have a sneaking suspicion this product is being discontinued.  When I bought it at the grocery store, it was buy one get one free (which is pretty unheard of for beauty products) and when I compared prices at Rite Aid it was 50% off and had a sticker on it saying "discontinued".  So grab it for a great price while you can and then we can commiserate when we run out and can't find anything that works as well!  Can't wait. 

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