Pixel Tree

My newest cross stitch project.
You may remember me giving you a sneak peek of it months ago, when I naively thought it would be done soon.  This one took me about 5 months, although I took some looong breaks.  What made this piece so difficult was all the tiny little shapes, there was a lot of starting and stopping stitches and it was slow going and tedious work.  I have learned a lesson with this one and that is to design pieces that don't have so much detail! 
Also everyone who looks at it sees different things in it that I never would have so that has been pretty cute.  Observations include a crusty crab, Space Invader/Pac Man characters, and small gnomes, while I have been obsessed with the double 'stache on the lower right hand corner.  I love how much color and texture this piece adds to my space.

 For this project I used 14 count Aida black fabric & DMC thread #166. 



This looks great! It's like what pixelation USED to look like, analog pixelation! And I see a hunky Brick camera you got there, along with cute, brassy thingamabobs. You know how to make my heart flutter.

Anna said...

beautiful. love the colors

Crystal said...

@ OBN- I'm so glad you like! I got the Brick cam last summer & I've been having fun figuring out how to use it. Still haven't finished my first roll of film, can't wait to see how they turn out.
@ Anna- Thanks for the compliments and for reading my blog! I took a peek at yours and I love them, you have amazing taste!