Today was a good day but also so boring! 
I was super excited to go thrifting but wasn't having any luck.  I went from store to store and after I couldn't find anything I would become obsessed with going to just one more thrift where maybe, just maybe, treasures awaited!  It was kind of crazy.  I still had fun though and I like driving around LA to familiarize myself with unknown areas.  At the end of the day (I went to 6 places!) the only thing I found was a handful of Cook's Illustrated & Cook's Country magazines which I love so I was happy.

I still needed to achieve that shopping high so I stopped by the craft store and got some embroidery hoops and frames and thread.  Delightful!

By that time I was in the neighborhood of a delish bento place I adore so I got some yummy chicken, shrimp, and rice.  I planned to take a picture but I was so hungry I didn't get a chance. 
Hope you had a lovely Tuesday as well!

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