What's In My Handbag?

The Contents:

1. Latest issue of Bon Appetit
(I had a couple of hours to fill yesterday so I brought it with me when I left the house and picked some recipes to cook.  They have a great feature on winter salads this month!  I'm going to make the Winter Salad with Lemon Yogurt Dressing.)
2. Pink Coach business card holder
(I bought this about 6 years ago right when I was starting the whole makeup artist thing.  I'd never had business cards before and I wanted something nice to keep them in.  It's so funny how things change 'cuz I'd never pick this out today but I still use it.  It's held up really well!)
3.  My Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies
(Sadly on their last legs but I still love them.  Love you Marc!)
4.  Necklace from Veronica M.
(I always keep an extra necklace that will match anything in my purse now.  They like us to accessorize a lot at work and since I tend to forget things like that it's just best to keep one around.)
5.  Sunscreen and Aquaphor
(Since I live in Cali now I always have SPF in my bag, you never know when you will be sitting outside unexpectedly or something.  Aquaphor I use about 30 times a day as lip balm.)
6.  Redbox rental
(I grabbed The Social Network at the grocery last night since it's on "very long wait" on Netflix and I wanted to watch it before the Oscars.)
7.  Notebook
(I always have to make to do lists or I forget everything.  I also can't have just a list on my phone, it has to be handwritten and all that.)
8.  Receipts
(I went grocery shopping at Whole Paycheck and Ralph's last night and it was intense.  So many people out and about at 9:30 at night.  LA kills me.)
9.  My keys
(Nothing special here.  I like the kind of key chain that you can slip the key rings off easily through the little lever system.  I used to always have a crazy something or other attached to my keys but I'm over that now.  So grownup!  So boring!)
10.  Black wallet/clutch
(My current wallet has a nice little handle so you could use it as a going out clutch if you want.  Will probably never happen.)
11.  Makeup bag
(This one is from the Poketo for Target collection.  It's held up really well and the white hasn't gotten dirty at all.  I love futuristic materials!  I will do a post on another day with the contents inside.)

That's all folks.  And yes, my bag really always is that organized and clean.  I clean it out about once a day.  I'm ashamed you even got to see the receipts that should have been inside my wallet floating out and about!

P.S.  I'm feeling like some of my posts have been so random and pointless but I am having one of  those incredibly boring weeks with nothing going on and nothing to write about.  I hit the blogger wall!  I'm sure it will pass soon.  XOXO


Old Brand New said...

I wanna try that kale salad. Looks delish! I still haven't tried the Stiletto but will let you know when I do!

And tell me about blogger's block. I've been kinda random over my blog, too. Like my barbershop edition, whaaat? Maybe because thrifting has been so boring lately.

Anyway, happy friday and have a thrifty weekend!

Crystal said...

Oh, I thought that was so cute! I liked your haircut post! Anyway my bloggers block includes feeling uninspired and thinking everything I post is insipid and self serving. I feel like a blogger fraud!
I DO think it is related to the boring non existent thrifting lately. I hope it picks up soon!
Have a great weekend doll!

Fashalina said...

This is actually awkward because the EXACT redbox dvd that is sitting in my bag AS WE SPEAK is The Social Network. And what's even more awk is that it's 17 days past due--- on my boyfriend's credit card! aldkfjsdlfjs hahahaha eeekkk. I was charged with the responsiblity of returning it-- bad move on his part.

Davis Holmgren said...

What is it with women and handbags? You always fill it with objects that you end up not using by the end of the day. My wife, a budding designer, is like the best in the field of squeezing in things. Even her high end bags are no exception to that. May it be a hair pin or a piano, if she feels like bringing it, she will squeeze it in her bag.