10 Things That Make Tami Happy

What can I say about Tami Wood, or as I like to call her, Miss Tami?
I first met her through friends on Facebook, and we bonded over our shared love for fashion, cats, and all things girly and awesome.  We took the friendship "live" last summer when we got to meet in person.  She is gorgeous, personable, and sweet as sugar.  I love counting Tami among my friends and she makes every day just a little bit brighter with her positive outlook on life.
Tami lives in Portland, Oregon and works in Event Coordinating.
Here are Tami's 10 Things That Make Her Happy:

1.  I live in my Levi’s Bold Curve skinny black jeans. Cocktails with the girls? Heels. Blind date with a guy eight years younger than me? Boots. Rock show? Converse. I would die without them.
2.  Paul & Joe’s eye shadows and lipsticks never fail me. Great colors that go on smoothly and last. You can go light on the application for day-to-day, or really layer them on for more drama. Love.
3.  I yelped with joy when my Ms. Wood platform shoes arrived on my doorstep. With black leather straps that wrap all around the foot and ankle, ending in a giant bow, these shoes are sexy, sleek and fun. (I should mention that although I would love to lay claim to the Ms. Wood line, http://mswoodboutique.com/, I cannot. We simply share a name.)
4.  I continue to be addicted to the latest release by Girl Talk, All Day. If I need to get moving, I turn it on – and turn it up. Total musical caffeine.
5.  The other album getting a ton of iPod play is Cold Hands by Priory. I had the pleasure of meeting these guys at a recent show. Charming, oh-so talented, and complete gentlemen. Priory is going to be big. Just you watch. (And listen.) http://www.priorymusic.com/
6.  The shag is coming back. I’m not sure this is a good thing over all, but I am completely in love with this version of it. It’s just so rocker chick cool.
7.  I don’t leave the house without Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers’ Strawberry Splash and Papaya Splash in my purse. They’re the perfect hint of color on their own, or great layered over a matte lipstick for softness and shine.
8.  Fresh air! In Portland it’s dark, cold and wet through most of winter and on into spring. As soon as the sun makes an appearance I’m out the door to wander around my favorite neighborhoods.
9.  My skin hates night creams. I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to find one that doesn’t make me break out… I’m thrilled to say I recently found a product at Rite-Aid that my face not only tolerates, but seems to love: c. booth derma 36 Peptide Youth Recovery Night Cream. No breakouts and its affordable. Score!
10.  And last but not least, my cat Billy. He should actually be #1 on my list because he is my absolute favorite thing in this whole entire world. I rescued him two years ago, and he’s been rescuing me every day since.

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