Haven't you always wanted to be that person who buys fresh flowers every week and places them dramatically about their home?  I have.  I think I may give it a try for a while!
Ranunculus are my second favorite flower and I got these for a song at T Joe's.
I arranged them in a cut glass crystal vase that I bought at a garage sale in Bandon, Oregon years ago.  I remember trying to decide between a cute vintage purse and this vase.  You have to understand that at the time I was way more into fashion than I was into home decor.  But my future self reached back across time and whispered "Get the vase, you won't regret it".  Future self was right!  I love it and use it quite a bit.  It goes well with every kind of flower.

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Jen said...

You should ALWAYS listen to your inner future self! It will never let you down! :)