Obsessions Spring 2011

1.  Striped Bedding
I have always loved the classic striped sailor shirt, but this year my love for stripes has extended to home decor, I love these sheets!

2. Altoids Wintergreen Smalls
I always hated the original Altoids flavor, but wintergreen is delightful!

3.  Cacti
Just so easy to take care of.

4.  Heath Ceramics
I recently started working down the street from their Los Angeles location, so I frequently walk by and drool over all the pretty things inside. 

5.  Good Eater Award
How cute is this little ribbon award?  Now I just need to find one for the clean plate club!

6.  More Shenanigans!
Hee hee.  I posted this picture on last summer's list, but this year it has been updated with crying Don Draper and a kitty photo bomb.  Love!

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