Wednesday Pattern

Lately I just haven't been feeling very talkative.  I can't seem to find words that express my feelings and writing posts about somewhat unimportant things makes me squirm.  I am finding joy behind the lens again and I'd like to share some photos of things around me.



I feel ya, I've been in a lull too. I almost wanna go into blog hibernation. Mr. crankypants here. But I'm going on a small vacay up north and I think it'll help. Try taking a small trip, even to Venice could nice. I was in the area and I love the ocean breeze.

And I love these saturated patterns. Isn't cross process great?!

Crystal said...

It's the best!
But what are you talking about Mister?!? Your blog is amazing & just keeps getting better and better! I am taking a vaca this weekend to, heading to Vegas and can't wait to hit up the thrifts. I hope we both get rested up and batteries recharged! Have fun!

krista said...

lovely photos!