Beyonce For A Day {or 10}

What do you think of my super amazing awesome golden glittery nails?
They are the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. 
How they work: buy a package of 16 strips for $10 (you may have to drive to 5 different drugstores because they are so popular and sold out everywhere), clean your nails, apply the strips (just like a sticker) and file off the excess product.
They have a million colors and designs (check 'em out here) and so far I am loving loving them!
They are supposed to last for 10 days so I will check in here and update.

*Update: Day 5-The strips are still going strong.  There are a couple of chips but surprisingly near the base of the nail, not at the tip.  I have been doing all my usual stuff, washing dishes, using my nails to pick price tags off stuff, etc. and they are holding up very well!  As my nails grow out, the strips start to look a little more fake because they are such a perfect oval shape next to my raggedy cuticles.  Haha.  Also, I have been getting TONS of compliments, everyone loves them and I am thinking of asking Sally Hansen for money because I have sent so much business their way! 

*Update:  I ended up taking the strips off on day 8.  I could have left them on longer but my nails had grown out so much it was bothering me.  Also- these things were HARD to remove.  Lots of polish remover, lots of scrubbing.  But all in all, I loved them so much it was totally worth it.  I recommend this product wholeheartedly.

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camgaga said...

pretty...i'm loving glittered polish..haha