Ended up doing nothing on Easter.  And I mean NOTHING.  I had found out on Saturday night that the store I work at was going to be closed on Sunday so I had an awesome unexpected day off.  There was a loose plan in my mind of things I could do, but I started doing a little cross stitching and re-watching the first 2 seasons of Parks & Recreation (my favorite show in the world right now) and before I knew it five o'clock rolled around and I was still sitting in my PJ's on the couch.  I was shocked!  So much so that I was forced to do nothing for the rest of the night.  Hee hee.  I did get a new stitching project started (details to come) and I took the above picture that I like, so that was good.  Today is all about cleaning, getting out of the house, a short 2 hour shift at work to cover another employee, and eating somewhat healthy foods.  Have a great Monday y'all!

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