My Milk Toof

You should know something about me:  I love cute tiny things.  I realize that's a rather general statement but it's true.  If something is cute and tiny I am going to love it and always will.  I know most people probably left this trait behind in childhood, and for the most part I did too.  It's not like I have a home overrun with kiddy toys but every once in a while I lose my shiz over something wee and adorable.  This time it's the Milk Teef, ickle and Lardee.  I first saw them on the adorable site My Milk Toof, and recently a book showcasing all their adventures came out.  A cute boy I know got it for me after I talked about it for like 4 hours straight one day.  It's beyond squee, just take a look:

Your baby teeth are called milk teeth.  They fall out and the tooth fairy comes and takes them away.  But these 2 teeth found their way back to their owner years later and have all sorts of crazy times.  ickle is more grown up and hates pickles, Lardee is chubby and loves food and being bad.

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