I have this thing with egg whites.  I totally & irrationally hate them with the fire of a thousand suns. 
To me, they taste like what garbage smells like.  I have tried over the last 10 years or so to like them and have gotten to the point where I can eat them fried over easy and mixed up with the yolk & they don't bother me in desserts but that's about it.  I will never, NEVER be able to eat them hard boiled.  Conversely, I adore the egg yolk and so I make hard boiled eggs all the time (like this morning for breaky) but only eat the yummy centers.  People think I'm crazy. 
What are your weird food hates? 



Oh, man, I dunno what I'd do without egg whites! haha. What I can live without though, are scallions, especially the bulb, it makes me gag. I can do a little of it in chinese green onion pancakes.

Crystal said...

Dude, I hear that. I have problems with the whole onion family and am very picky about how they are prepared and what they can and can't go in.