Beach Bonfire Barbecue

First of all, let me just apologize for being so quiet on here lately.  It turns out that when you work a lot, you don't have time to do fun and creative things to write about on your blog.  My new theory is that if none of us ever had to work, we would have a world overrun by creativity and fun.  There are so many things I want to do but that pesky job is always getting in the way!
I did have the opportunity to do one awesome thing over the weekend, and that was my first official Beach Bonfire Barbecue here in LA.  I met some friends at Dockweiler Beach (it's right in between Playa Del Ray and El Segundo) where they had staked out a fire pit.  The weather wasn't ideal but it didn't rain, thank goodness.  We cooked hot dogs & smores, and drank some smuggled in tequila (don't tell!)  and generally had a grand time.  I highly recommend it!

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Fashalina aka The Hyperbalist said...

thaaat is the cutest thing I ever did hear. I want to bonfire : ( I just made it into a verb. Like 'summer'