What's For Dinner?

(image via simply recipes)

Several things-
1.  I've never roasted a chicken before.  I get kind of squeamish about handling raw meat and with a chicken you have to take the innards out and rub oil on it and so forth.  They are so easy to buy at the deli counter I just never bothered before. 
2.  I didn't truss my chicken.  I didn't have any twine in my kitchen.  Bad cook!  And I only used fingerling potatoes, carrots and shallots for the vegetable part of the dish. 
3.  By the time I got off work, brought the chicken to room temp, cut up veggies, cooked the dish and let it rest it was so late and I was so hungry I forgot to take any pictures so I got the one above off Simply Recipes.  But it looked very similar to my chicken and I did use a cast iron pan (my favorite pan in the whole world, I use it for everything). 
4.  This chicken was fantastic!  It was so juicy and delicious, and the fat coated vegetables tasted amazing.   I have officially been converted into a person who roast chickens! 
5.  You should probably make this.  I got everything I needed at Trader Joe's (except that pesky twine) and I have lots of leftovers for lunch and dinner tomorrow.  In spite of how people seem to think this is an exacting recipe, I thought it came together quite easily.  Just maybe make it on a day off so you don't have to eat at 10:30 at night!

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