30 day photo challenge:day17:technology

Tooth Unicorn.  Yep.
My friend Krista had posted a photo on facebook that her son Alex drew for a class assignment, and he made up a prehistoric animal called a Tooth Unicorn.  I was kind of obsessed and so when I was at my friend Lauren's house her daughter Ruby asked me what she should draw on her Wii drawing game.  Of course I said a Tooth Unicorn, and I had to take a picture.  There is a lot of technology going on here, the TV, the DVDs, the video game consoles.  In direct contrast with the prehistoric Tooth Unicorn!

*photo taken with iphone camera


krista messer said...

This picture is so funny, it totally blew Alex's mind since he has no clue about facebook and that everyone has seen his picture. Turns out the official name for this creature is pipsqeak, not tooth unicorn.

Crystal said...

I was wondering why it said pipsqueak on the drawing, that is so cute! I hope he doesn't mind that i'm so obsessed with it!