30 day photo challenge:day3:clouds

The photo challenge for today was clouds.
If you are in Los Angeles, do me a favor and go look out your window.  You don't see any clouds right?  Me neither.  I racked my brain for ways to get clever with this one but ultimately decided to use a picture I took last year on my cross country trip.  I was obsessed with the clouds we saw on the trip, this one was taken just outside of St. Louis after we stopped to see the Arch. 
Tomorrow's challenge- something green.

*photo taken with iphone



I'm stunned by the beauty of this photo and that it's taken from an iphone—like whoa! So good!

Crystal said...

I'm constantly amazed by the iphone camera, the other crazy thing is that it was taken in a moving car going 70 miles an hour! I thought it would be blurry for sure but no.