Portland Food

The first stop was Tasty N Sons.  This was my first time at the restaurant but I have heard great things and I am a big fan of their sister restaurant Toro Bravo.  This is the bloody mary with housemade beef jerky & pickled veggies and it was ah-mazing.

Toast with teleme cheese and jam.  Loved the combo.

Cobb salad.

Burmese red pork stew with rice and eggs.

Also went to Cafe Nell for lunch with my ladies.  Another fantabulous bloody mary with pickled veggies, cheese, salami, and shrimp.

The burger salad at Cafe Nell.  So tasty and carb free!

Sofia champagne/late night girl talk.

Toasted coconut and strawberry cupcakes at Saint Cupcake.

Don and Laura's world famous grilled pizza.  My fav combo is shrimp, bacon, and caramelized onions.

We tried to go to Laurelhurst Market for dinner but the wait was way too long.  So we ate at Lucky Strike and then went back later when it was less busy to get this drink I was obsessed with trying called the smoke signal.  They boil water over hickory chips and then freeze it into large ice cubes, then put the cubes into this yummy drink with scotch, lemon, pecan oil, and sherry.  As you drink it, the ice melts, it becomes smokier and smokier and is an experience in itself.

Risotto cakes with poached eggs at Petite Provence.

The dining scene in Portland is so vast and so incredibly good that I didn't even get close to eating at all the places I wanted to.  I even ignored some favorites like Higgins and Voodoo Doughnut in an effort to try something new this time around.  Someday I hope to know and love all the restaurants in LA as much as the restaurants in Portland.  If you ever need any recommendations, hit me up!


Biology said...

Next time you are in Portland, give me a call and I'll buy you a cocktail or two!

Biology said...

Oh, by the way: this is Angela :D

Crystal said...

Oh I totally will girl! Sad I couldn't fit you in this time :-(
Def thought about you!

Lauren Bair said...

I LOVE the cupcakes and milk. And this whole post makes me miss that friggin place. XO!

Crystal said...

That coconut cupcake is made of my unicorn dreams! Sooooooooooooo friggin good.