Butcher Paper Birthday

Recently I had a birthday present to wrap and no time to drive to a fancy card store and spend lots of money on something.  So I stopped by my local dollar store and picked up some butcher paper and this 80's-esque, slightly hipster rainbow ribbon.  I like the way it turned out, it's simple but fun!
Another thing I love to do (when I have more time) is take a potato, cut it in half, carve out a design or a person's initials, and then dip in paint and stamp it all over plain paper to make my own homemade wrapping paper.  Personalization shows you care!


Fashalina aka The Hyperbalist said...

this is the cutest thing i've ever seen. I seriously like this better than my skull present for whitney. I don't think dollar stores around here SELL butcher paper...maybe I can get it from a literal butcher...like at the deli. haha. ? and I want that 80's fun-fetti hipster ribbon!!!!

vjacyno said...

i saw recently a crafter who took a Styrofoam plante and etched a design in it with blunt tippy thing and used that as a stamp. i liked it. i liked it quite a bit.

Crystal said...

I saw that too! I think on pinterest? I thought it was so clever. Def need to try!