Paint Chip Art

I saw this paint chip craft tutorial over on How About Orange, one of my fav crafty blogs, and I was instantly smitten.  It took me a few weeks, but I finally stopped by Home Depot yesterday to relieve them of some paint chips (I also bought two plants to feel less guilty!) and we were in business.  I decided to go with a coral/orange/gray theme.  First, you make a triangle template from some cardboard, then trace it onto the paint chips and cut them out.  This part took forever and made me bored and angry at the same time!  A break and eating frosting from a can were required.

Then I started arranging the triangles into a pattern.  I didn't like the first one I made so I started over and loved it the second time around.

On to the next step!

I grabbed some glue and a paint sponge and started gluing the triangles down onto another piece of cardboard.  Then I let dry for an hour or so while I watched old episodes of Parks & Recreation.  Yes, again.

I trimmed the edges and put into this adorable bamboo frame I picked up at the thrifts*.  I love it!

*I tend to buy any frame I like at thrift stores, even if I don't have an immediate use for it, I will use it at some point.


Fashalina aka The Hyperbalist said...

Crystal this is ADORABLE! It's so creative and colorful and graphic and geometric! aka everything I love in life! AND THAT BAMBOO FRAME!! HOW CUTE!!!! I want to buy this from you for my apartment. LOVE.

Crystal said...

hmmm. Well I tell you what, if I see another cute frame similar to this I will grab it and make you one! Too in love with this one to sell! ;-)

Lauren Bair said...

Um, HI, I wanna buy this too. It's SO lovely! Wanna trade figure drawing for paint chip art?? Love it!

Crystal said...

That sounds purr-fect! (not sure why im using cat puns when there are no cats involved) What colors do you like Miss Lauren?

Lauren Bair said...

I like all the colors! My favorites are piiink, redddd, blaack, purrrrple, sky blueee, yellowy grassy greeeen... OK, I think I'm just listing all the colors. I also have new drawings for you to see. Kinda French or Wild West Saloon girl-y.

Crystal said...

French saloony?