Rhubarb Compote

Mmmmm, rhubarb compote.
I have been craving some ever since I was served an adorable tiny pot of it a few weeks ago at brunch.  They still had some rhubarb at Whole Foods so I bought it and got to work finding a recipe.  The only problem was I couldn't find one I really liked.  So I sort of cobbled them all together and just got to it. 
First I chopped up all the rhubarb and added it to a pot over a low flame with some honey and lemon and sugar.  Then I split a vanilla bean and added all the delicious vanilla bits.  After it cooked down I let it stew away in the oven for a while at 300 degrees.  After a taste it was still too sour, so I added more honey.  
When it was cool I poured the compote into these adorable tiny Weck jars I got at Broome St. General Store.  It's so yummy and I love eating it with yogurt in the morning, or on strawberry ice cream after dinner!

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