Everyday Food

Do you read Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine?
Personally, I love it.  When I was younger, first starting to live on my own and learning to cook, this was my go to source.  The recipes are easy, fast, and most importantly- seasonal.  Plus, there is always a lovely accompanying photo to show you what your dish is supposed to look like! 
I have bought a ton of these magazines over the years.  When I am lacking inspiration in the kitchen, I will pull out all of the current month's issues from years past and go through them for ideas.  Also, their diminutive size makes it perfect to throw one or two in my handbag on the way to the grocery store, that way I will know what ingredients to get.  In short, they are kind of perfect.
Here are links to some of my favorite recipes over the years:

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polly conway said...

Yes! It is the best food magazine for lazies like me. I also love how small and unintimidating it is.