Crafty Season

I went to Michael's Crafts yesterday- literally my favorite thing ever, ever is going to a craft store.  I had so much fun wandering around and remembering all these things I needed to buy and discovering new things I didn't know I needed.  Did you know that Martha Stewart sells a specific cloth for cleaning up glitter?  Genius.
So you may have noticed that fall -and the holidays- are upon us.  This is the season for being extra crafty in my opinion.  Making fun things for decorating your home, and then making x-mas gifts when you realize you have no money to buy any!  Haha. 
So far the things I am excited about are Sharpie Paint Pens- I want to try this project with them.  And my crafty guru Polly has brought puff paint back into my life in the best way imaginable- these pumpkin decorating ideas are amazing!

Also- a special shout out to Polly and Lauren for talking my new Etsy shop up on their blogs- love ya ladies!!!


polz said...

OMG! I just did this VERY thing today. Things I bought that I did not need include flocking powder, a paper punch, more jewelry supplies, and a set of $1 alphabet stamps (I already have like 5). I even love how it smells in there (the choking odor of fake pumpkin!) Wish we could craft together!!

Crystal said...

I wish we could craft together too! I always imagine we live close to each other and could craft while watching Criterions and the like on Netflix. I cannot wait to see upcoming crafts from you!!!